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Weekend TV!

My weekend is taken over by tv!

Arrow Finale:
[They Giveth; Then They Taketh]Yes, I could how Team Arrow Team triumphed over Slade & the Mirukuru Mayhem Gang.  But really, all that mattered was when Ollie confessed to Felicity that he loved her!!!!!  My jaw dropped and I started to dance.  Only for the joy to be taken away when it was revealed that Ollie played for the hidden cameras just to purposely get Felicity captured with the serum on her.  ARGH.  OF COURSE, my girl Felicity does get the job done ANYWAY right next to the lump of Laurel (no offense to the actress, but why do the writers hate the Laurel character, writing her so wimpy!)  Elsewhere the Canary and her horrible accent is gone away, Thea too (hopefully until she can't stop being a whiny entitled teen), and Lance is in at death's door.   But in the past, Ollie finally leaves the island  -  only to wake in HK with Amanda Walker!  I will be tuning in next season.

Survivor Penultimate Episode:
[Great Tactics, Bad Strategy]For such irrational play by both Kass and Tony, they are brilliant, brilliant at execution, even at cross-purposes.  Woo finally starts thinking (for real) and Spencer is parlaying his underdog status to the max.

Hannibal Penultimate :
[Dogs, Leave It!]  Spoiler:  There are no BLACK ANTLERS this episode!  Instead, we have PIG HEADS.
  Gillian Anderson stops by to help Will and Jack properly bait, But she is of the mind that Hannibal is on to them.  Is he?  Does he think he can woo Will all the while dancing around Will's trap?  But then we saw the flash forward on the first episode.
  Is it me, or did the production design change Hannibal's office?  It's seems so low and cramped rather than the lovely vaulted interiors previously.  For a show that values its own stylishness and look, any change must be deliberate.
  Refusing to kill Mason: did H and W fail to convince the other to do the dastardly deed?  Or did they both agree that Margot's clutches was a more appropriate punishment?
  We know the series has been renewed, so can Hannibal be caught this season?  I mean they did do the same with Will last season finale.

Speaking of pork, why didn't anyone tell me <b>Masterchef Australia</b> has started its new season?  2 weeks late!  But who has time to watch 6 hours a week???

Orphan Black 2x05:
[I can&apos;t believe I&apos;m saying it, but: More Exposition Please]So Kira's father is not police, but is rather a tech magnate? Who happens to have fake ids on hand and survival skills to boot?  Seems unlikely, but maybe they need a commercial competitor to go mano a mano with the Dyad Institute?  We also saw more of Art, and way too much of Paul.  I have to say, Rachel is so far the more unconvincing characters that Tatiana has played (one can see the acting, or is Rachel only acting like a control freak); however, I can soooo forgive her as the acting between Sarah and Helena was amazing and seamless. It's inconceivable that is one actor acting two differing takes with each other: emmy!

Game of Thrones 4x06 rewatch:
[More Speculation]Rewatching the episode, I now judge Shae's testimony to fall under the duress rather than woman scorned, she seems to be reciting (but if so then add all those intimate details?).  If one hand Jaime champions Tyrion, let's spec if Twyin would choose a champion less able or more capable?

Further notes on Iron Bank - I've just realized, if the Westeros debt to the IB is very great, then as one of two (that we know of) continents of the entire world, it likely means that particular account (50% of the bank's assets more likely), should it default, would be catastrophic for the bank itself.  For once, a bank is not only too big too fail, this time a client is too big to default.  I wonder if GRRM will dwell on this bit of accounting?

I want to write, but am pretty sure someone already has, about the following pairs of women, possibly kindred spirits except on the opposite sides of alliances:  Yara (applauded for her fighting skills) and Brienne (scorned for her fighting skills), Dany (Justice for her murdered family) and Arya (Revenge for her murdered family), Margaery (playing ingenue at court) and Sansa (actual ingenue at court), Shireen and Mrycella (princesses who could really use a change of guardianship), Cersei and Red Woman (king wannabes).  Can you imagine any one meeting their partner?

Game of Thrones 4x07 liveblogging:
[Stark Words]Credits: is the cast a spoiler alert for the episode?  The Wall, the Red Woman, STARKS, Brienne.

Is Tyron serious about asking Jaime to risk their lives JUST to spite their father.  Why yes he was.
Does Cersei not ever see the ramification of bringing The Mount to court?  And did Tywin pre-approve the memo is what I want to know (I'm guessing no).

Arya!  I love how she draws and sheaths her sword same way and time as the Hound.  I don't like her reaction to death and killing.
Jon.  If the writers can make bureaucracy entertaining last episode, why can't they do it this episode.

We still like Bronn, right?  "The Mountain and the Imp".  Episode Titles are spoilers too.
Huisman could still be handsome with blue hair and blue beard, right?  Jorah gets a harsh wakeup call!  And Dany still rules as if the world is black and white.  Really, she should know better.  Such inflexibility let one Targaryan king down.
Why do they need Shireen? To kill another King? Tommen? Dany? Mance?  Even if Stannis becomes king, how will the Baratheons rule without an heir? He'll have to legitimize Gendry!

The Hound and Arya show vs the Brienne and Podrick show.  Will they cross paths?  HOT PIE!  And his baking is better.  See Bri? Podrick, house savvy, can be useful.
Ooo, Dorne tells the Imp about his birth!  Squee! I'm glad they kept the story in!

Ahh, finally Sansa - and whoa, look how happy she is in snow!
Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yet another Stark ally/Lannister enemy dead.  And now, her tutelage can begin. But is she being taught or being manipulated? Littlefinger is guardian to the Warden of the East and Heir to the North, its like he's got two congruent monopolies.

[Immediate Thoughts]Why are Braavos and Dreadfort in the Main Credits but not the Vale? (Didn't they have the model done already for Season 1?)
So let's all agree that on the most important thing that happened:  and, its not the Viper coming forward to fight the Mountain; Nor CrayCray Auntie Flying;  it's that:

WINTER HAS COME!   Stark Words.
That's right, we have been promised Winter Is Coming the last three years, and maybe its now here?

Does this mean a turning point for the Stark fortunes?  Sansa's loses another enemy, two more people know another Stark (Arya) is alive, Ghost is back, and Winterfell rebuilt (if only to be smashed again - no, let's not see that as foreshadowing)!


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May. 20th, 2014 12:18 pm (UTC)
I don't know why they need Shireen. Except she is his only surviving child. They might need her blood. This is Crazypants Witch's territory. Anything is possible.

Hot Pocket! That's what I kept calling him. :-) He's sweet and I'm glad he's still alive.

Sansa and Tyrion will rule the north. She's so comfortable in Winter. Dany is not.

Winter has come? Good. I hope it's a ten year winter too.
May. 22nd, 2014 01:27 am (UTC)
Did you hear Tyrion's if, should, maybe offer to Bronn - see, he sees that path too. Of course, Sansa might have other plans...

I'm not sure why, but, since the change, I haven't been receiving notice that someone has commented on my posts (but I still get notice from replies) -- yet my settings says I have it so? Are you having the same problems?
May. 22nd, 2014 02:44 am (UTC)
Comment page is still taking forever to load. But at least it is loading.

Maybe the GoT writers are shippers? I don't know. But she let Littlefinger kiss her! Eww! (And Littlefinger is probably older than Tyrion.)

So she's young. But apparently getting to the age where she's almost not too young. Almost. :-)
May. 22nd, 2014 02:58 am (UTC)
I don't think she LET Littlefinger kiss her.

But yes YUCK.

Hopefully he remembers he loves HER mother, not her...
May. 22nd, 2014 10:54 am (UTC)
She didn't pull away right away. Maybe not let, but if that had been Tyrion or someone else she might not have let them that close to her at all.

But I get it. She's fourteen. Like Arya, what choices do they have?

Littlefinger is a bit creepy. Not as creepy as Crazypants Aunt, but it's out of the frying pan into the fire with that situation.
May. 22nd, 2014 11:16 am (UTC)
Their choice is to unlearn some of Ned Stark. I'm sure Ned was great at ruling, esp in peacetime, but this is war and survival. They need to learn how to survive, in battle and in politics. I'm hoping that like with the Hound teaching the realities of war and fighting to Arya, Littlefinger can teach Sansa how to be more strategic rather than being the pawn. I hope that instead of remaining a pawn, Littlefinger sees her as a his protege (he has no heir, and Sansa could have been his and Cat's), but that kiss.... was he caught up in the moment? Did he know Crazy Aunt was looking? Is he starting to want her for himself, maybe marry up?
May. 22nd, 2014 02:29 pm (UTC)
I don't know if they have to unlearn Ned. It's an insane world but if they lose their humanity, they're no better than Lysa. Seriously.

I was having a conversation with another LJ friend about whether Arya could become similar to Joffrey someday soon. That was a scary thought that I didn't pursue but when the friend brought it up, I could see that she could see Arya losing her humanity.

As for Littlefinger? He's a man. Look at the cloak photo again. The girl is insanely young and beautiful. She's not safe with him. She was only safe with Tyrion because she was a 13-year-old child, he was completely in love with Shae and Tyrion has shreds of decency left.

So, interestingly enough, does the Hound. He is very pragmatic but when he said the fire incident hurt most because it was his brother, there was a lot of humanity left in him. Arya could have a worse teacher.

I'm going to post this in my journal!
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