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GoT episodes 9 and 10

[Episode 9: Watchers on the Wall]The finale is here and I haven't posted my liveblogging of ep. 9, mainly because RL was so aggravating and I was just overall underwhelmed;  I wonder if its because the multi day, multi battle SIEGE was compressed to one battle, perhaps to JUST bookend "Blackwater" Battle?

Although the fighting was probably the better choreographed and the tactics more interesting than Blackwater, what was missing was the people's story.  There were at least three POV for Blackwater: Tyrion, Davos, Sansa (maybe Bronn?) but only two for Watchers: Jon and Sam.  We saw the defenders, attackers, small folk, grand folk, and their personal struggles.  With "Watchers" we didn't have that much (but, look Direwolves, Giants and a CHAIN).  This battle in the book was actually a siege covering weeks, with the Brothers finding comradarie amongst themselves and with the refugees - and that struggle from bickering with each other to finally working as one and 'manning' up would have been more interesting than well, Ygritte and Jon having a moment.  Not only the fighters, but the cooks, stewards, the refugees and even the whores (there's one or two that were fierce in hand to hand combat) were all working together, under Jon's command (as the elders kept dying after each battle).  Also, show's battle ends without a resolution, as Jon tells Sam, so that whole night really meant ... what?

That being said on second watching (prior to the finale) I have some somewhat more positive thoughts:
• I really did not notice all those technical fancy shots the first time I watch.  Gotta look for them.
• I think I see "The Inn at the Crossroads" in the Main Credits.
• A library - huh, I want a production to finally to show how fascinating "research", like accounting, can be on film. srsly
• I want more Aemon stories.  More Ghost too.
• Ser Allester, for all his being a douchebag, is a bad-ass fighter!  I might like him.
•  I really loved Grenn and him rallying his five against this raging giant.  Them reciting the Oath - I admit, I teared up then.  Unlike Blackwater no one will know or sing or care of their sacrifice because the rest of the Kingdom doesn't believe there is any threat from the North.  (I would have to agree with the rest of the Kingdom, I'd rather believe in dragons rather than in zombies, would you?)

Break for[Germany v Portugal Game] 4 nil.

And now we come the finale! Liveblogging!   What will happen?  (And I refuse to film myself watching it).

[The Children]I predict river zombies, nymeria (wishing), the toilet, that braavos coin, reinforcements, a truce, a bbq, the Children of the Forest, and maybe an engagement? So lets see what happen now.

Main Credits.  Why Moat Cailin but not Eyrie? (Really I need to stop whining about this)  And Rose Leslie is still in the cast?
Ah, continuation -- crows or ravens.  Really that camp was that near?  Ah Mance, finally.  Does a drink qualify as bread and salt?  Whoa, that's a lot of mounted men!  Reinforcements, check.  Well at least Davos is with Stannis riding on the front. Burn the Dead.  So not quite a TRUCE, no-check.

The Mountain.  Why even try to save him - he's a horrible man and a liability to Tywin.  Really, Twyin didn't know? I find that hard to believe.  Srsly, Jaime - this is the sister who's going to murder your brother.  And in the Kingguard Tower! Tut tut.  But then anything is an improv after a funeral bier.

Dany, welcome to ruling. Revolution is easy, governing hard.  BBQ, check.  :(  Bad Drogon, but I don't see why the other two must be punished.

Aemon!  Burn the dead.  Yikes, Melissandre.  Tormund. Ah, at least Jon doesn't really believe that Stannis is king.  IS JON FINALLY READY TO PLAY THE GAME?  Who does he think ought to rule? Tormund and Mance asking about Jon's love?  They are shipping old maids.  Ah, that's why she;s in the credits.  I hope she doesn't come back as a walker.

Oh goodie. Kiddies in Snow. The Tree,  A Children, check? Eek, Mummies?  (Doesn't count as zombies?).  Shouldn't you burn Jojen?  So this is the Children, not the Tree = Children of the Forest?  Oh goodie, answers before season 6/book 5.  But wait, that's it for the explanation??????

Oh, Podrick! Losing horses, tsk tsk.  OOOOOOHHH Meet Up.  I'm squeezing so much to be tense.  Just two girls shooting the breeze about swords.  Bechdel!  And the Hound all but declaring himself as the protector.  I dunno who would be better for Arya, I like B but H is more realistic.  Oh this is brutal fight.  Hey where's the kids?  Aww, he's still looking after her, but she won't return the favor.  Why not put him out of his misery, is it for revenge sake or would cause she couldn't hurt him anymore?

And finally Tyrion.  Jaime and Varys to the rescue!  Will they never see each other again?  (Are these two the new starks?)  Uh-oh.  Book Shae boo.  Why couldn't it have been Cersei?  Is that Joffery's crossbow - who gave him that?  ooooooo.  I might even believe Twyin's speech.  TOILET check.  Ah Varys.  Where is he being sent.  Did Tyrion tell Varys about the Hand before he left.  Oh is he going with him?

More! Where did Arya get her horse?  That's a hero shot if ever I saw one.  But she's... not good.  COIN check.  Arya's leaving Westeros.  She's on her own, choosing, I should be happy.  Certainly the Stark theme seems more optimistic...

Aww, that's it?  No Sansa? No Dalla? No Ellaria?  No Nymeria (not that she appears in the book, but its my secret wish that she's around the river lands scenting after Arya, but now she's off to the narrow sea)? and no zombies?

[Questions]Last thoughts.  FINALLY, paths are crossed.  Oh, and Tyrion is saved.   Stannis and Jon and Mance have crossed paths.    But that Red Lady looking at Jon is creeping me out.  And will Stannis be flexible? What will the Wall do?  Do they have more in common with the Wildings or the Stannis/RedLady's uncompromising religion and morals?  Then the two roadtrippers meet.  At first Brienne and Arya was like a fanfic fantasy come to life, then the Hound had get all macho and ruin it.  Imagine it:  The four of them road tripping National Lampoon style.  Then that fight -- brutal.  But just as brutal, was Tyrion and Tywin's last confrontation.  All that scheming on one side and all that suppressed hate on the other.  Oh yeah, and Cersei is scheming the throne, Dany failing at parenting and ruling, and Bran finally getting told: you will not walk again (Jojen had to die for that piece of news?)   Meanwhile, which "children" is the referred here?  Surviving Starks?  Rebellious Lannisters?  Untamable Dragons?  Tree Forest?

So was this a better finale that other seasons?  Did you think this season's episode 10 was better than episode 9?  How did you feel about how the Hound and Arya parted ways?  Tyrion and Tywin?  And how do we feel about Jaime now?  Is Jon a player now?  Stannis seems like he is a player again.  And what would you rather have in your city:  Zombies or Dragons.

Some shows not Game of Thrones

Saving Game of Thrones for when I know I can't be uninterrupted, so lets dive in with Orphan Black.

Are we supposed to sorry for Donny now?  I guess I am.  I love this new family dynamic.  Can they have support groups for accidental murderers?  OMG, they will.
Hello Kira, where's Daario-daddy?
Hello Art; and no the whiskers weren't a disguise.  Tony's a male clone? cross dresser? Transgender operation? "Howdy Tilda Swinton".  And I hope he stays gone.
Oh I'm glad Cosima told her lab tech the truth. KIRA HAS THE KEY! loving the storytelling pun!

Wow, I finished -- should've watched GoT.

Hell's Kitchen
I usually hate these shout cooking shows - its usually about the people and not about the cooking; plus, it rattles my quest for tranquility. But at least for the service part there something so wonderfully cathartic about Gordon screaming at someone else that I don't know.  (The first part with the contestants bickering is just too much on the nose in my to be enjoyable.)  Plus one can tune in and out without pausing.

No Liveblogging yet!

I'm so stressed with RL drama, that I really want to just sit down and watch some escapism!  Pls, Universe - lets make this happen - or at least, Serenity at Home.


Liveblogging The Viper and the Mountain

G O T 3x08 The Viper and the Mountain

[Lots of changes]Why isn't the Viper in the credits? OOOO new location? where is that?  But still no Eyrie/Vale model?  And Bravos is still here?

Yah, Sam really shouldn't have left them at Mole's Town.

Oh sunshine.  Research into castration.  What is this plot?  I can't say I'm invested in this relationship?  Unless -- Why are they so interested in Grey Worm's origins?  Is this something coming up in the later books that the double Ds know about or is it a pacing issue.  It seems weird.

Oh gawd, the Reek storyline.  But then Theon was able to capture Winterfell - why not Moat Cailin.  Is this the Reeds home or elsewhere?  I forget.  Is it in the coastline or is it in the river lands or swamp lands.
MUTINY!  But why trust the Boltons  --- That's why.

And Littlefinger.  With a Grandfather from Braavos. (another change from the books?)  Huh.  Royce!  This is the kin of the Ser Knight of the first episode.  Let's see how Sansa deals with.  Oh my, she wins the council, especially Lady Whatshername.  So was she coached or did she think on her feet.

Really Dany, a convert is the most faithful.  But at least, Ser Jorah can finally have a storyline - this actor had top billing since the beginning and they have done nothing with him so far.  Meanwhile Dany still believes in black and white justice. tsp tsp tsk.   huh, a map.

Roose actually legitimizes Ramsey.  Gross.  I can't see Roose having any choice, but like Tywin he must hate that his linage is so flawed.

Ah, Sansa played the council on her own.  This is a creepy vibe in her bedroom.
Sansa is playing a dangerous game.  And I no likely this new dress.  This is a change from the book?  Although she gets better in the game, she doesn't get this good and confident this quick - she gets to practice on Robin first, who is leaving to be fostered NOW.
Isn't anyone going to inform them that someone claiming to be The Hound and Arya is at the gate?  Will he get paid?  Will they stay together?  Will Sansa and Arya get along?

"soon"  The episode is ending - still no Mountain and no Viper.  Nepoticide.  See, original conversations CAN be fascinating (looking at Grey Worm - although to be fair, he has a language problem).

I want to know if Tywin approved of this champion or if Cersei acted on his own.  The Prince of Dorne will rebel if Oberon is hurt, destroying a much needed ally against Targaryans.  OMG, is he going to do a Hell, my name is Inigo Montoya?

At least its not campy.  Oh my god, he kills him!  Or not.  I HATE GRR MARTIN.  And that exploding head.  But is that a confession anyway?  I hope they kill the Mountain here too.  But I guess its okay if not, if the Hound has his chance.  But if the Mountain dies too - doesn't it negates Tyrion's conviction? So they are sure the Mountain is still alive?

I can't imagine Tywin being pleased and his motivation.  His favored son gets to stay in the Guard and a second most needed ally gets killed. Also, he loses his right to the North's enormous lands by making Sansa a widow - he can't trust Roose.  Why is he pleased?  How can he hate Tyrion more than his control of his kingdom and his line?  I understand Cersei hating Tyrion more, but Twyin should be more controlled.

I suspect all the book deviations in this episode with the original scenes as a fake out - made me hope that the outcome COULD have been different from the book.  But no, should have known, as soon as someone acts heroic, be sure to bet on them dying soon.

Will's and Hannibal's last supper

Hannibal finale liveblogging  :  Oh man the waiting, the tension!

[OMG, SPOILERS GALORE!]uh-oh, Previously On has a lot of Alana.  Where is she
and we can add calligraphy to Hannibal's list of accomplishments (I still like his curtains despite being associated with Lecter).

With this intercut, does Will play both Hannibal and Jack?

All this planning, what is the motive for killing Jack?  Wouldn't it just open the Ripper case from H's motive?  Is he setting W up yet again to be the Ripper?

Oh it's Abigail's Dad. (Hey, but at least no antlers)  Oh wait, I spoke to soon.  Wait, do the dogs see his visions as well?
When did Bella forgive H?

Those aren't notes, that's an encyclopedia on Will.  Oh, those are all his patients.  Wait, they plan to hit the road together?   Memory Palaces V. Streams.  I think I want Stream.

Uhoh, he smells FL.
Where has Alana been?  Surely, she can't lie to Hannibal.  (Pretty visual though).

Let's run away together now! But Jack.  Is W convincing? Or is H on to him?

Oh no, the lawyer.  Stupid, too many people are entangled.  How did she find out? H? A? Surely, the paperwork was kept to a minimum?  Even the squints don't know who killed their colleague.
THEY know?  How is this different from JACK knows?

Is this the fight?  Yes fight!  Oh, the exterior.
Either A is with H's side all this time or she is gonna get killed.  Now I feel bad for doubting her.
What? Abigail?  WTF?  Now, that might be a bit too far a twist.

You were supposed to leave:  So, Will wanted Hannibal to leave?
Hell hath no fury as a Hannibal scorned.
That can't be the end?
Sure for the end credits we get the sunny sky and the Bach.
WTF? Dr. Scully?????  OK, this plot twist - believable.

For all those, will he or won't he? And what's this conversation revealing about what motive, I can say: it delivered.
Now, how am I supposed to do Yin Yoga after seeing all that?


Grasshopper Cupcakes

Had a viewing a Mint Street, so I made Mint Chocolate Cupcakes with Andes Mint Chips.

If I could I would send some through the net to some sick people who needs a pickup right now.



So a bit stressed here:  I can't kiss my dog or let him touch me by the paws or mouth ever since last night he caught a cockroach *shudders* and ate it leisurely. *gagging*

OMG, i know he probably has done this before, but never did he make me witness it. *more shuddering*

Does anybody else has this phobia this strong?

I should just bathe and brush his teeth, but we just did two days ago.

PS, Any advice how to add links to posts?


Who wore it best?

First Poll (I hope it looks right!)
Trending in the geek world:  Blue Hooded Capes!

Poll #1968857 Artemis_90

Who wore it best?

Sansa Stark
Katniss Everdeen
Emma Swan
Someone else whose picture I will post/link

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hoodie OUAT emma

Weekend TV!

My weekend is taken over by tv!

Arrow Finale:
[They Giveth; Then They Taketh]Yes, I could how Team Arrow Team triumphed over Slade & the Mirukuru Mayhem Gang.  But really, all that mattered was when Ollie confessed to Felicity that he loved her!!!!!  My jaw dropped and I started to dance.  Only for the joy to be taken away when it was revealed that Ollie played for the hidden cameras just to purposely get Felicity captured with the serum on her.  ARGH.  OF COURSE, my girl Felicity does get the job done ANYWAY right next to the lump of Laurel (no offense to the actress, but why do the writers hate the Laurel character, writing her so wimpy!)  Elsewhere the Canary and her horrible accent is gone away, Thea too (hopefully until she can't stop being a whiny entitled teen), and Lance is in at death's door.   But in the past, Ollie finally leaves the island  -  only to wake in HK with Amanda Walker!  I will be tuning in next season.

Survivor Penultimate Episode:
[Great Tactics, Bad Strategy]For such irrational play by both Kass and Tony, they are brilliant, brilliant at execution, even at cross-purposes.  Woo finally starts thinking (for real) and Spencer is parlaying his underdog status to the max.

Hannibal Penultimate :
[Dogs, Leave It!]  Spoiler:  There are no BLACK ANTLERS this episode!  Instead, we have PIG HEADS.
  Gillian Anderson stops by to help Will and Jack properly bait, But she is of the mind that Hannibal is on to them.  Is he?  Does he think he can woo Will all the while dancing around Will's trap?  But then we saw the flash forward on the first episode.
  Is it me, or did the production design change Hannibal's office?  It's seems so low and cramped rather than the lovely vaulted interiors previously.  For a show that values its own stylishness and look, any change must be deliberate.
  Refusing to kill Mason: did H and W fail to convince the other to do the dastardly deed?  Or did they both agree that Margot's clutches was a more appropriate punishment?
  We know the series has been renewed, so can Hannibal be caught this season?  I mean they did do the same with Will last season finale.

Speaking of pork, why didn't anyone tell me <b>Masterchef Australia</b> has started its new season?  2 weeks late!  But who has time to watch 6 hours a week???

Orphan Black 2x05:
[I can&apos;t believe I&apos;m saying it, but: More Exposition Please]So Kira's father is not police, but is rather a tech magnate? Who happens to have fake ids on hand and survival skills to boot?  Seems unlikely, but maybe they need a commercial competitor to go mano a mano with the Dyad Institute?  We also saw more of Art, and way too much of Paul.  I have to say, Rachel is so far the more unconvincing characters that Tatiana has played (one can see the acting, or is Rachel only acting like a control freak); however, I can soooo forgive her as the acting between Sarah and Helena was amazing and seamless. It's inconceivable that is one actor acting two differing takes with each other: emmy!

Game of Thrones 4x06 rewatch:
[More Speculation]Rewatching the episode, I now judge Shae's testimony to fall under the duress rather than woman scorned, she seems to be reciting (but if so then add all those intimate details?).  If one hand Jaime champions Tyrion, let's spec if Twyin would choose a champion less able or more capable?

Further notes on Iron Bank - I've just realized, if the Westeros debt to the IB is very great, then as one of two (that we know of) continents of the entire world, it likely means that particular account (50% of the bank's assets more likely), should it default, would be catastrophic for the bank itself.  For once, a bank is not only too big too fail, this time a client is too big to default.  I wonder if GRRM will dwell on this bit of accounting?

I want to write, but am pretty sure someone already has, about the following pairs of women, possibly kindred spirits except on the opposite sides of alliances:  Yara (applauded for her fighting skills) and Brienne (scorned for her fighting skills), Dany (Justice for her murdered family) and Arya (Revenge for her murdered family), Margaery (playing ingenue at court) and Sansa (actual ingenue at court), Shireen and Mrycella (princesses who could really use a change of guardianship), Cersei and Red Woman (king wannabes).  Can you imagine any one meeting their partner?

Game of Thrones 4x07 liveblogging:
[Stark Words]Credits: is the cast a spoiler alert for the episode?  The Wall, the Red Woman, STARKS, Brienne.

Is Tyron serious about asking Jaime to risk their lives JUST to spite their father.  Why yes he was.
Does Cersei not ever see the ramification of bringing The Mount to court?  And did Tywin pre-approve the memo is what I want to know (I'm guessing no).

Arya!  I love how she draws and sheaths her sword same way and time as the Hound.  I don't like her reaction to death and killing.
Jon.  If the writers can make bureaucracy entertaining last episode, why can't they do it this episode.

We still like Bronn, right?  "The Mountain and the Imp".  Episode Titles are spoilers too.
Huisman could still be handsome with blue hair and blue beard, right?  Jorah gets a harsh wakeup call!  And Dany still rules as if the world is black and white.  Really, she should know better.  Such inflexibility let one Targaryan king down.
Why do they need Shireen? To kill another King? Tommen? Dany? Mance?  Even if Stannis becomes king, how will the Baratheons rule without an heir? He'll have to legitimize Gendry!

The Hound and Arya show vs the Brienne and Podrick show.  Will they cross paths?  HOT PIE!  And his baking is better.  See Bri? Podrick, house savvy, can be useful.
Ooo, Dorne tells the Imp about his birth!  Squee! I'm glad they kept the story in!

Ahh, finally Sansa - and whoa, look how happy she is in snow!
Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yet another Stark ally/Lannister enemy dead.  And now, her tutelage can begin. But is she being taught or being manipulated? Littlefinger is guardian to the Warden of the East and Heir to the North, its like he's got two congruent monopolies.

[Immediate Thoughts]Why are Braavos and Dreadfort in the Main Credits but not the Vale? (Didn't they have the model done already for Season 1?)
So let's all agree that on the most important thing that happened:  and, its not the Viper coming forward to fight the Mountain; Nor CrayCray Auntie Flying;  it's that:

WINTER HAS COME!   Stark Words.
That's right, we have been promised Winter Is Coming the last three years, and maybe its now here?

Does this mean a turning point for the Stark fortunes?  Sansa's loses another enemy, two more people know another Stark (Arya) is alive, Ghost is back, and Winterfell rebuilt (if only to be smashed again - no, let's not see that as foreshadowing)!