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artemis_90's Journal

7 February
I signed up for an LJ account because I found about BSG fanfic during the long hiatus.
I love all things BSG (mostly Starbuck, Anders, Lee, Adama, Laura, Helo; AU; angst) but my writing skill is very small, and whatever project I think I might want to start seems to fail on the page.
I have some more successful projects on Fanfiction.net, but not on my favorite ship. It seems I'm too humbled by some many talented people out there who write and create such awesome plots!!!!!! (Other ships seems easier to write since I'm less invested in them and I hardly read any of them if they aren't BSG).
I'm still wary about privacy on the internet (which should clue you in on my age) so I'm not posting much personal items on the bio.